I'm a Toronto-based artist working in a wide array of new, old, and ancient mediums.

I think of myself as a Webspinner: the Internet is my primary substrate, and upon it I place my various works of trans-media art, including words, images, motion picture timelines, and -- most importantly -- the hyperlinks that connect them all together.

My mosaic practice represents a substantial component of the networked storytelling. Using glass, tile, stone, metals, crystals, and found objects, I create both abstract and figurative pieces that illustrate and enrich the many different aspects of my evolving, online narrative.

  • art sales
  • commission work
  • photographic interpretation
  • murals + custom installations


Custom work requires custom pricing. All design elements will be discussed and a final work-plan will be approved by both parties. When determing the price of your commissioned mosaic, I take the following into consideration:


The most common material I work with is glass, which is supplied at cost with no mark-up. For basic tiling, there are two options:

Other materials can be incorporated into the piece upon discussion and prior agreement. Available options include stone, stained glass, slate, gemstones, metals, textual elements, beadwork, found objects, or client-supplied ephemera.


Based on your request for a customized mosaic, I will provide you with a quote which will detail how long I estimate it will take to complete. The following variables will be considered: